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1/35th Scale

In Stalingrad, 1942, Mamaev Kurgan (Hill) was the site of a fierce battle. Its location and height overlooking the center of the city provides a commanding position over Stalingrad, the Volga and the area across the river. Control the hill, and you control the city. In October, 1942, two German divisions controlled the northern, southern, western slopes and turned the top of the hill into the center of resistance. The battle raged for months, and became a turning point in the war. In the end, Over a million soldiers were killed in the bitter hand-to-hand fighting at Stalingrad. The frigid weather conditions were unbelievably horrific and the German Army called it "Rattenkrieg" - rat warfare, causing thousands to die of cold, hunger and disease. Tristar’s latest sculpted figure set, captures the soldiers on the hill, with Tristar's "signature" scale realism of figure design, accurate body positioning and correct uniform and accessory details. Every uniform feature, tools, waist pack, MP40 and MG42, mess kit, etc., is perfectly represented with detail painting instructions to create a museum quality figure set.

Item ID: TS-024
Price: $14.50

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