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Item No. OP MAA-350
Men at Arms: The US Army in WWII

Covers the events of Normandy 1944 - immortalized in the recent blockbuster film Saving Private Ryan - to the final victory and meeting with the Red Army on the Elbe in 1945. Features full color artworks researched from authentic surviving uniforms and equipment, including that used by the infantry, tank crews, paratroopers, artillery, medics and WACs. Other books relating to the US Army in World War II include MAA 342 'The US Army in World War II (I);' MAA 347 'The US Army in World War II (2)'; MAA 336 'The German Army 1939-45 (5)'. List of contents:

Divisional organization - armored divisions, corps units
Uniforms - dress browns, ETO jacket; combat woolens; tankers' items; combat
vests; headgear; branch colors; shoulder patches
Artillery & tank destroyer equipment & tactics
Recoilless rifles, anti-tank guns
Tanks & tank destroyers
Divisional battle honors
Commentary on the color artwork


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