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Variants • Modifications • Technical Drawings

Author: By Peter Müller and Wolfgang Zimmerman
Language: English Text
Format: Hardcover, 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  316 pages
Photos:  125 wartime photos, 70 charts and tables.
Publisher: History Facts
ISBN: 978-3-9522968-5-1

Item No. HF-002 Price: $75.00

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Volume 2 of Sturmgeschütz III provides a selection of images that illustrate in striking and unique detail the evolution and operational employment of this potent weapons system. Reliable documentary evidence, such as the date the image was made, location and unit of assignment is provided for many of these photographs, allowing the reader to precisely identify specific variants of the Sturmgeschütz III. The quality of research displayed throughout this volume makes it an ideal reference work for vehicle restoration, for historically accurate modelling or for diorama building.

The superb photographs in this volume also illustrate a tremendous amount of technical information for historians most interested in tracing the continuous development of one of the most significant armoured vehicles to see action during World War II. Within this volume, the photographic evidence is used to accurately present 90 specific identifying characteristics of the Sturmgeschütz III and how each of the weapon system's unique features arose during design and development. Accompanying timelines illustrate when different versions of the Sturmgeschütz III were manufactured, using documentary evidence such as the original records that list chassis serial numbers assigned for each assembly plant as well as other primary source information. It also includes a supplemental chart that provides a quick and handy reference to the various versions of the Sturmgeschütz III that saw service.

Volume 2 also systematically covers unusual configurations of the Sturmgeschütz III, including field modifications, backed up by tabulations for easy reference. Superb four-level cutaway technical drawings illustrate the characteristics of each of the wartime production runs of the Sturmgeschütz III at precisely defined points in time. High-quality photos compliment each of the drawings.

This volume also accurately documents for the very first time the evolution of the appearance of the Sturmgeschütz III from 1940 to 1945 on a month-by-month basis, enabling the historian or modeller to interpret other Sturmgeschütz III photographs and place them in their proper historical timeframe and operational context.

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