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Every title from "Arndt-Verlag" Germany contains over 100 high quality color photographs. These photos exhibit vibrant color, not the mediocre, washed-out color one is used to seeing from this period. Agfakrome predated Kodak, and is still unsurpassed to this day. German optical superiority is evident on nearly every page. Full page and gatefold pages comprise over half the photos of every subject matter which one can imagine being associated with the infamous Third Reich!

German Fieldmarschall


New Reichschancellery!

Third Reich Stamps!

Hitler's Birthday Parade!

Great Military Parades!

German Military Elite!

The Russian Front!

Oakleaves Holder's Vol.1!

Oakleaves Holder's Vol.2!

Oakleaves Holder's Vol.3!

Schicksalswende im Osten 1943-1945!

Der Osterreich Anschluss 1938!

Reich's Party Day!

Bomben Terror!

Hans-Ulrich Rudel!

Grossadmiral Karl Donitz !

Hauptstadt der Bewegung Vol.1!

Hauptstadt der Bewegung Vol.2!

Hauptstadt der Bewegung Vol.3!

Reichskriegertag 1939!

The Axis Berlin-Rome!

BERLIN vol. 1

BERLIN vol. 2

German Fieldmarschall

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