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Item No. ATB BK-038
Operation Market Garden Then and Now Vol.1

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Karel Margry

VOLUME 1 covers the mounting of the operation and the crucial first two days of the battle. The story opens with the planning and preparation of the double undertaking - of 'Market' by the newly created First Allied Airborne Army in the UK and 'Garden' by the British Second Army on the Belgian-Dutch border. The scene then switches to describe the German military situation in the Netherlands on the eve of battle. The massive initial airborne landings of September 17, 1944, are then recounted with equal attention to each of the three airborne divisions involved. The break-out battle by the Guards Armoured Division, spearhead of the ground army, is likewise illustrated with an unprecedented wealth of photographs. The second day of the operation, September 18, sees the Guards reaching the 101st Airborne at Eindhoven, making their first contact with the airborne army.


The Creation of First Allied Airborne Army
The Planning of Operation 'Market-Garden'
The Battle of the Belgian Canals
Second Army prepares for Operation 'Garden'
The German Situation in the Netherlands

Preliminary Bombing Operations
The Pathfinders
The 101st Airborne Division
The 82nd Airborne Division
The 1st Airborne Division
The XXX Corps Break-Out

The 101st Airborne Division takes Eindhoven
The First Link-Up: XXX Corps reaches Eindhoven
101st Airborne Division: The Second Lift
82nd Airborne Division: The Second Lift
Bomber Resupply for the American Divisions
1st Airborne Division, September 18 (D+1)
Index for Volume 1

Hard cover, Large format, 12" x 8.5", 336 pages, 1064 photos and maps. $75.95

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