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German Tanks and Vehicles 1943-1945 Vol.1

Author:  Daniele Guglielmi & Mario Pieri
Language: English text
Format:  Hardcover, size 8.5" x 11"
Pages:  250 pages
Photos:  Over 400 b+w wartime photos and 11 color profiles
Maps: 23 maps
Publisher: AMMO USA
ISBN:  978-8269016183

Item No. AMIG-6183 Price: $69.99

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In his preface, Steven Zaloga points out that although the performance of German troops on the Russian front, North Africa, and Normandy is well known to military history aficionados, knowledge of the operations in the Italian theatre is much less well known. This new book will help shed light on the subject with a detailed photographic study of the German land operations in Italy beginning with the battles on Sicily in July of 1943.

Daniele Guglielmi and Mario Pieri present the Italienfeldzug series: an exhaustive study of the ground operations and the most important vehicles fielded by the German army in the Italian campaign. The authors use a wide range of sources including photos from official German and Allied countries' archives. Detailed information is provided for each photograph based on the authors' extensive research.

This book offers a new perspective to both military modellers and historians interested in WWII German Armed Forces and the campaigns in Italy. It is particularly valuable for researchers interested in armoured vehicle operations of World War 2.

This first volume of the Italienfeldzug collection provides in-depth analyses of the Tiger tank, Elefant and Hetzer tank destroyers, Wespe self-propelled guns, and remote-controlled demolition vehicles. This 250-page reference contains more than 400 large photographs, 23 maps, 11 colour profiles, as well as vehicle markings and reproductions of original documents.

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