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Panzerwaffe Tarnfarbe
Camouflage Colours and Organization
of the German Armoured Forces (1917-1945)

Author: Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo
Language: English Text
Format: Hardcover, size: 11" x 8.5"
Pages: 128 pages
Photos:  b+w wartime photos and color illustrations
Publisher: Abteilung 502
ISBN: 9788412093506

Item No. ABT-722 Price: $39.95

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During the Great War, tanks in the German Army merely played an anecdotal role. Due to the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles, the first armoured forces was not organised (secretly) until 1933. The existence of the first three Panzerdivisionen of the new German Army was officially revealed in 1935. The armoured troops were an independent branch of the Army, with their command; this allowed the concentration of tanks in divisions, so units were capable of significant strategic deployment. General Heinz Guderian forged both words: Panzerwaffe to refer to the armoured force and Panzertruppen to identify the elite armoured troops which would conquer half of Europe in the following years.

The evolution of the camouflage schemes painted in tanks and vehicles of German armoured units analysed in the book along with the organisation of the German units during WWI and WWII and the interwar period.

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