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Past & Present:
Bastogne - Ardennes 1944

Author: Leo Marriott & Simon Forty
Language: English Text
Format: Soft Cover, Size: 7.3" x 9.7"
Pages:  64 pages
Photos:  b+w wartime photos and modern color comparison photos
Maps: some maps
Publisher: Casemate Publishing
ISBN: 978-1612004341

Item No. CP-4341 Price: $16.95

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The Past & Present Series reconstructs historical battles by using photography, juxtaposing modern views with those of the past. It shows how much infastructure has remained and points to the passing nature of things such as outfits, uniforms, and ephemera.

Bastogne will live forever in the annals of American military history. From the resounding "Nuts,? in response to the German demand for surrender, to the breaking of the siege by Patton's Third Army brilliantly disengaged from its positions on the Saar, wheeled 90 degrees and marched northwards faster than any thought possible the defense of Bastogne and victory in the Ardennes was one of the greatest feats of American arms in the European Theater.

This title in the Past & Present series looks at the encirclement, siege, and relief with then and now photographs; specially commissioned aerial photos, and a wealth of detail.

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